Special granite structures and machine bases according to drawing

Microplan® Group provides special granite bases according to the specific needs and drawings of the Customer: granite bases for machine tools, measuring machines, microelectronics, EDM, drilling of printed circuit boards, bases for test benches, mechanical structures for research centers, etc…The maximum sizes that we manufacture are 10.000 mm length and 4.000 mm width. For those big sizes we usually use Blue Lanhelin granite. To offer a complete service, Microplan® usually makes special machining according to Customer drawings, specifications and application fields. Go to the special workings >> The main special granite workings are: GLUEING of inserts and guide or clamping T-slots with epoxy resin. DRILLING: granite drilling is made with diamond tools (blind or through holes) from 3 to 500 mm diameter. Inside these holes, blind or threaded inserts can be glued with epoxy resin (see table). MILLING with fitted diamond tools (with some limits compared to the metal milling). Blind or through milling as per customer drawing