Machine-tools bases in CELITH composite granite

CELITH is a composite granite made up with a mixture of specific granite aggregates of various size grades, bonded with epoxy resin and hardener. This granite is formed by casting into moulds, reducing the costs, because the working process is much simpler. Compacted by vibration. Celith stabilizes in a few days. Moulds are made in wood (for prototypes or small series) or in steel (for high quantities); with the possibility to incorporate threaded inserts, ‘T’ slots, etc. .. t is also possible to add mechanical elements by bonding or remolding. lts low conductivity gives it thermal insulation characteristics. In most applications its high damping properties, high dimensionai stability and expansion coefficient close to the one of steel, increased performance of machine tools, even of big size, while ensuring the quality of machining:

reduction of mechanical resonance phenomena; better cutting conditions; improved tool life and surface finishing.