Granite Products:
The Raw Material : technical properties of Microplan Granites
  CELITH: The Synthetic Granite
Black Africa Granite Surface Plates
Economic Serie "Dharla" : granite surface plates
Lightened Surface plates in Black Africa Granite
Concentricity Test Benches
Granite Cylinders
Linear and Level parallel Rules in black granite
Black granite Squares
Black Granite Cubes, Prisms and Parallelepipedon
Gauge Stand Supports with granite bases
Master for Axes testing
Customer's Solutions : Special exectutions and applications on drawing
Accessories: Cleaning Products
  Supports for plates and Columns
Vacuum Instruments : Air bearings
Vacuum Rotating Tables
Straightness and Squareness Test Instruments
Electronic Instruments : Electronic Levels and Flatness Software
  Wire Laser System "WILMA"