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Microplan Group Staff is ready to satisfy your metrology requests. The site, and in particular the Products section, is structured by categories: in the category "Measuring instruments" will find all the instruments made in granite (surface plates, rules, squares, cubes, prisms, etc.. ..), the measuring instrument made in ceramic materials. "Accessories" includes all the steel supports for surface plates, columns and adjustable feet, cleaning products for granite and gauge stand supports and crosspoints (tailstock) for concentricity test benches. The category "Special working on granite" includes all the informations about the special processing (drilling, T-slots and inserts application, milling, boring, etc...); "Custom's solutions" group a review of special equipment and applications developed on demand and specific customer needs or drawings, solutions for measurement and control of specific mechanical components; "Vacuum pneumatic instruments" however, is the category that includes all the tools developed with the sliding system based on air-cushion (air bearings, pneumostatic pads, squareness and straightness control instruments, rotary tables, etc...) and linear guide systems that use the vacuum-pneumostatic technology. Then "Electronic levels and electronic tools" includes instruments for the detection of flatness and inclination;
"Laser alignment system" with Hamar Laser solutions and Wire alignment system "Wilma", and" Non-contact measure machines" are the sections about laser scanning and CMM reverse engineering, laser measurement systems for the geometry of machine tools. A special section for the "Calibration and periodic inspection" of all instruments, both in granite than electronics, with test report release. In addition to all that is presented in the General Catalogue and standard production Microplan the Group is able to produce and supply any equipment or mechanical control bench. Please contact our sales managers for free quotation.

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Large diameters measuring instrument


Special Ganite | New material for high precisione granite structures


General Catalogue

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